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Miko is a Japanese-inspired sanctuary that will transport you to the streets of Japan through its delectable cocktails and modern ambience.

Miko shamans have a long history in Japan and are still revered today. They are believed to have the ability to communicate with gods and spirits and act as intermediaries between the spiritual and physical realms.

Our passion for mixology has led us to create an extensive menu of cocktails that blend traditional Japanese ingredients and flavours with modern techniques.

As you sip on our delectable cocktails, each carefully crafted to harmoniously blend traditional Japanese ingredients with modern mixology techniques, you’ll feel an enchanting sense of transport to the bustling streets of Japan, guided by the revered spirits and mystical wisdom that Miko shamans have communicated with throughout history, still held in deep reverence today.

An authentic tribute to the role Miko plays in Japanese spirituality and culture, connecting people with the divine flavours.