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Welcome to Miko, London’s Japanese-inspired haven. Here, every detail is meticulously crafted to teleport you straight to the lively streets of Japan. The name ‘Miko’ is deeply rooted in Japanese culture, where Miko shamans have been held in high esteem for centuries. Revered for their unique ability to bridge the spiritual and physical worlds, they serve as intermediaries, communicating with gods and spirits. At Miko, we cherish and celebrate this rich history, and it’s vividly expressed in our approach to mixology. Our deep passion for the craft has given birth to an expansive cocktail menu, one that infuses traditional Japanese ingredients with innovative techniques. As you immerse yourself in the delicate balance of our drinks, feel the magic of the Miko shamans guiding you through the vibrant alleys of Japan. Our restaurant stands as a genuine tribute to the Miko’s significant role in Japanese spirituality and culture, offering a divine connection through every sip and bite.